Application Security Monitoring

With today’s limited budgets, there’s an urgent need to focus security monitoring programs on what matters most to the business. Web applications are an attractive target for malicious adversaries because they are the gateways to valuable data, the levers used to commit fraud, and the access point to intellectual property and competitive intelligence. By initiating application monitoring projects, security leaders have an opportunity to engage business stakeholders in programs that can yield quantifiable risk mitigation value. Because of inherent challenges, few large enterprises undertake these efforts.

SATTRIX will review, drawing on lessons from projects conducted for many firms, the technical, organizational, and process challenges that must be overcome to establish an effective application security monitoring programs and key elements of a methodology that can help companies start down the road to success.

SATTRIX’s application log monitoring will help you analyze the minutiae of your applications. It will help you generate reports, alerts on any fraudulent activity or security breach as well as dashboards and ameliorate upon the changes if required in your applications.

An individual is oblivious of the information about the storage and compilation of the data in his digital dossier. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, for him/her to control access to his/her personal information, thereby aiding to the vulnerabilities, specifically instances of identity theft. This presumably means that the economic losses associated with identity theft are not recoverable.

Sometimes referred to as “iJacking”, Identity theft/threat is a crime in which the confidential information is stolen to impersonate someone else. Identity threats is not limited to stealing of your credit card, in fact your name, address and other details can also be obtained by the person involved in the crime.

SATTRIX will help you secure your confidential/personal information and keep you notified of any fraudulent activities through alerts.

Services offered are:

  • Application Security Testing

  • Application Code Review

  • Application Threat Monitoring