Compliance Advisory

SATTRIX takes aim at helping enterprises comply with regulations. Compliance services are far from a commodity in deliverables and pricing. You need an ADVISOR protecting both your compliance and your budget.

Heightened regulatory pressure to maintain better control over information means that information security must be incorporated early and comprehensively in the compliance planning and remediation process. When addressed as a whole, security can reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of compliance.

Meeting compliance regulations is often a complex task—one that SATRRIX can help enterprises achieve. Our expertise come into play as our new suite of services that are intended to help enable enterprises meet some of the complex demands of the modern regulatory environment.

It is given that corporate compliance efforts don’t generate revenue, but a sensible and well-informed approach to meeting compliance requirements can actually help save companies from spending more than they have to on the effort and still be well assured of avoiding unplanned expenditures or fines, or experiencing significant damage to their reputation.

SATTRIX can help deliver common sense compliance services so that you get it right on both sides of the coin: both in the reasonableness of the real-world effort required to get the job done effectively, and in the reasonableness of the associated costs for both our consulting services and for any recommendations that we might make about things you should consider investing in going forward.

Our mature and cost effective compliance advisory services are just not the “me to offerings” but in depth well researched offerings that take the right approach that you can put your trust in.

SATTRIX offers specialized compliance advisory services for:

  1. ISO27K
  2. ISO20K
  3. ISO22301
  4. COBIT – IT Governance Framework