ERP (SAP) fraud Monitoring

Organizations often focus their SAP security efforts only on specific aspects of the application layer of their production system, i.e. SAP Basis configuration and authorizations. While these security aspects are vital, there are many other SAP specific vulnerabilities through which business-critical data can be exposed to espionage, sabotage and financial fraud risks; and yet SAP is often overlooked by typical intrusion tests.

The vulnerabilities in the application and its controls may impact the business processes due to which the organization may have to bear huge losses. The health of your system/application is of utmost importance. It is also the responsibility of managers to make sure any weaknesses or failures related to the SAP security are identified and strengthened. A number of SAP fraud incidents take place and to combat such incidents SAP security fraud monitoring is the best security solution so that the fraud and policy violations, if any, may be detected at an early stage.


  • Real time fraud detection
  • Protects SAP data environments from fraudulent activities, external or internal attacks and data leakage
  • Explicitly segregates the SAP transactions for audit and compliance purposes
  • Reports on SAP user credentials from which unlawful activities were performed
  • Advanced analysis by logs
  • Real time monitoring
  • Easy identification of potential fraud

Services offered are:

  • Fraud Monitoring