Managed Security Services

Our managed security services remove the onerous tasks of keeping up with the most advanced security technology. Fueled by our insight into customers just like you, we customize our world-class managed security services to fit your needs. With a broad portfolio of industry best practices, Web Application Firewall, and Net work Access Control solutions, SATTRIX is taking managed security services to the next level.

  • Reduce Cost and Enhance Security

Our managed security services extend your resources to effectively tackle new threats so you can focus on your business.

  • Cost-effective, Continuous, Managed Security

  • Need for Managed Security Services

  • Increased Security Threats

  • Increased capital expenditure for securing the IT infrastructure

  • Lack of skilled resources to manage the IT environment

  • To improve the information security posture of the organization

  • Lack of resources to meet up the regulatory compliances

  • To manage Complex IT environment

Upgrade to industry-leading security solutions that we deploy and manage, and continually improve through our intelligence-gathering.

  • Untangle IT Resources and Gain Peace of Mind

Achieve simple and unified security with around-the-clock support, specialized staff, and innovative technology - all with minimal investment.

SATTRIX Managed Security Services are easy to configure and comes to you with the best security practices under a single roof. What we offer you is the power of rich knowledge base of our experienced industry experts coupled with quick results, which would take care of your current and future security needs.

We relieve you from the day-to-day operational responsibility of security management, operational risks, effectiveness and controls thereby improving effectiveness and efficiency of operations. Our Services offer to monitor organizations’ network, servers, applications, DB or even legacy applications as well; on real-time basis. We offer the following managed security as a service:

  • Log Management
  • SAP Fraud & Risk Monitoring
  • Compliance Monitoring [Managed GRC]
  • Security Alerting