Network Security Monitoring

The ongoing battle to protect an organization’s protected and sensitive information requires sustained vigilance, as threat actors are determinedly focused on the theft of protected information, continually evolving their attack methods to bypass organizations’ security counter measures.

As attacks have become more customized and have moved further up the architecture to the application layer, traditional security tools—particularly signature-based products—struggle, making it challenging for traditional inbound threat mitigation measures to actually defend against the threat.

Network engineers and security analysts working for large organizations are typically inundated with high-priority alarms from a range of systems (IDS, APM, SIM, SIEM, NPM tools). For many organizations, today’s challenge is not about detecting more problems, but figuring out how to triage, respond and establish the root cause of know problems, so that more issues can be resolved.

Of course not all system-generated alarms are serious. In fact, many of the day-to-day issues that consume operational resources are non-critical intermittent problems that are simply difficult to diagnose. SATTRIX expertise in network monitoring is uniquely designed to not only provide critical information when the network is on fire, but also speed up the resolution of time-consuming intermittent issues.

Phishing attacks have become common in organizations. Phishing is basically a scam that uses a combination of spam, web links and forged web pages to deceive the consumers into revealing their sensitive personal information. A consumer might end up disclosing his credit card or a Social security number, and other confidential information like bank accounts and passwords. Phishing attacks can cause damage to your company’s reputation and lower down your customers’ trust.

SATTRIX will offer you the best combination of people, process, technology and methodology for a flexible solution to deal with any phishing attacks. Our solution will help you quickly identify the attack in any language, shut down the fraudulent websites, and recover from online scams which can have adverse impacts to your customers and business.

Services offered are:

  • Malware Monitoring

  • Penetration Testing

  • Anti-phishing