Security Management

Complex regulatory requirements, constant exposure to threats, and the rising cost of security management can make it difficult to focus on your business with confidence. With a proven security, risk, and compliance management program, you can get back to business as usual.

Our experts monitor, report, and decipher risks, keeping you up to date with alerts and reports that detail your vulnerabilities and explain our recommendations.

SATTRIX Managed services define the incident management life cycle for its monitored network and devices. As part of the corrective and preventive action plan the incident may require to change the configuration of any of devices or infrastructure. Change management is crucial part of the activity when it is performed on the critical network.

SATTRIX Managed services adhere to the entire life cycle of the Incident management starting from logging the incident, change management, configuration management and remediation management till incident closure.


SATTRIX Security Managed services assess your IT risks and employs important safeguards, complementing your compliance efforts and commitment to strong security measures. We provide:

  • Expert analysis
  • Risk briefings
  • Security alerts
  • Convenient reporting

Services offered are:

  • Incident

  • Change

  • Remediation

  • Configuration