Security Strategic Planning

Organizations worldwide recognize that information is a critical asset. How information is managed, controlled and protected has a significant impact on the delivery of organization’s services and the trust instilled in the users of those services. Information assets of all types must be protected from unauthorized disclosure, theft, loss, destruction and alteration. Information assets must be available when needed, particularly during emergencies and times of crisis.

Though Strategic Security Solutions planning and implementation vary from industry to industry and environment to environment, in implementing security solutions with the right type of controls will set priorities for how the enterprise can efficiently and effectively address the management, control, and protection of an organization’s information assets.

With the mission of security expanding, the chief information security officer (CISO) faces a new test of leadership, one that requires essential disciplines in planning and communications.

As a CISO, you are responsible for managing the crucial links between information security and operational performance, brand protection and shareholder value. It is a job that continues to change, and you are the executive most keenly aware of the extent to which security—including how your organization and others elect to align, harvest and sustain its value—is undergoing a transformation.

At SATTRIX, we help organizations to bring about the required security transformation through our guided disciplined approach to security adoption. We hand-hold organizations through the various steps of initial assessment of the current security posture to the desired security framework that will incorporate the wide range of both external and internal security elements.