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The headlines are filled these days with news of breaches into enterprise networks, with the subsequent exposure of proprietary information and customers' personal data. The consequences are costly for patching the holes, paying penalties and repairing the damage to the company's brand. Further complicating the situation for the security professionals charged with running corporate networks, many corporate executives do not understand the risk and the need to safeguard systems. While attackers play the never ending game with network defenders, the good news is that there are tools and strategies available to help in this ever-evolving scenario.

Global organizations turn to SATTRIX for solutions and consulting services to help them implement vital enterprise information security initiatives to mitigate risks. We provide a complete range of product, tools, solutions, and application support, delivering strategic vision as well as tactical implementation assistance.

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SATTRIX Consulting and Solutions team can help you with a wide array of services starting with the most important information audit exercise covering Risk based audit, Regulatory audit and Compliance audit. We follow a systematic process through which an organisation can understand its knowledge and information needs, what it knows, the information flows and gaps. Ressulting from an information audit is an ‘information map’ which can be used as the basis for designing solutions, as well as for the foundation of a corporate information strategy or a knowledge management strategy.

Through our IT Security Audit we obtain a snapshot of the effectiveness of the Security of IT Infrastructure. This Audit brings out a list of issues that are adversely contributing to productivity, business or/and safety issues. Our Auditing approach will be a combination of around the computer, through the computer, or through standardized checklists.

SATTRIX enables organizations to secure critical organizational IT assets by minimizing the attack surface of the endpoint population through continuous enforcement of security configurations. We provide a platform to continuously monitor the various environments and readily identify those areas that are non-compliant or mis-configured and return those undesired state to the desired state. With SATTRIX, you get a true view into the configuration. We provide maximum visibility, fine-grained control, and deliver all of this functionality with minimal human intervention.

Our configuration practice covers systems, network, Databases, Web Applications, Enterprise security and SCADA security.