Strategy and Advisory

SATTRIX Strategy and Advisory services align the company’s information security strategic objectives with broader technology and business strategies. This incorporates core information security requirements that must be in place to accomplish major business initiatives efficiently and effectively.

Business managers expect information security to protect information in business systems and prevent the systems from being interrupted. Information security supports the business in achieving its objectives. To begin the development of a strategic plan for security it is essential to understand the business objectives and the key elements of the information security function. Business objectives can be analyzed to identify dependencies on security. The security objectives will then be defined in terms of the business objectives.

The security objectives are then impacted on by business and environmental constraints, and by threats and vulnerabilities. Metrics are developed to allow comparison between current security capability and the capability required to meet business requirements. Strategies will be developed to fill the gap between current and planned capability while allowing for environmental constraints and threats.

We define strategies for security that help to achieve business objectives by identifying and addressing security requirements in business functions and initiatives, and providing infrastructure, people and processes that meet those requirements.

Although driven by business requirements, strategies must take into account other factors that may impact on the achievement of those outcomes. The strategies will also be revised periodically to allow for changes in the business direction and in the constraining factors.

  • Security Strategic Planning

Organizations worldwide recognize that information is a critical asset. How information is managed, controlled and protected has a significant impact on the delivery of organization’s services and the trust instilled in the users of those services. Information assets of all types must be protected from unauthorized disclosure, theft, loss, destruction and alteration.

  • Security Architecture Review

Secure security architecture is fundamental to Information Security. Your network infrastructure would have evolved over many years. As the network grows and security technologies evolve, security architectures should be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure it continues to meet the critical business and compliance requirements. Security Architecture review

  • Compliance Advisory

SATTRIX takes aim at helping enterprises comply with regulations. Compliance services are far from a commodity in deliverables and pricing. You need an ADVISOR protecting both your compliance and your budget. Heightened regulatory pressure to maintain better control over information means that information security must be incorporated early