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Sattrix IT Security Company emphasizes Cybersecurity countermeasures such as threat management, compliance management, vulnerability management, and technology programs when advising Cybersecurity adoption to our clients. We support our customers’ digital growth encompassing security consulting, security implementation, and managed services.

We invest our time, dedication and money to nurture research & development (R&D) to help organizations and enterprises against Cybersecurity threats. We use industry standards and best practices to identify and implement the best Cybersecurity solution for your organization.


Trusted Enterprise IT Security Partner for you

Sattrix is the preferred Professional Services partner of OEMs and Sis alike. Our expertise with latest technologies and in-depth experience in Cybersecurity domain makes us the first choice for businesses around the world. Right from understanding the need and purpose from scratch to giving the last touch of finesse, Sattrix delivers the best-of-breed data security solutions and services globally.

We don’t just move forward, but also make our methods better by retrospection and subsequent optimization to assure our clients and partners with the top-notch security solution.

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IT Security Solutions Company

A touch of fineness in everything we do!

Sattrix IT Security Consulting & Professional Services is recognized by OEMs, SIs and customers alike for its capabilities around expert architecting, top-notch implementation and an ability to resolve complex security loopholes. We assist our customers from the pre-implementation till closure with our strong experience and flexible approach in order to ensure the best data security solutions.

Sattrix is equipped with the technological certified experts and business consultants who can guide and consult organizations to identify the gaps and suggest the solution to fill the gaps. From small to large organizations are facilitated with our support when they need to implement and operationalize any Cybersecurity related initiatives at different stages of their growth.

Expertise IT Security Consulting

Integration Skill

In times where integration with out of the box supported devices is a major challenge for service providers, integrating ingeniously developed applications has a big question mark looming over them. Sattrix offers seamless integration of your third-party applications with your deployment to ensure uninterrupted flow of information.

Rest API

REST API is extensively considered as the standard protocol for web APIs. REST API allows rapid evolution of servers and an astronomical number of applications to interact freely on an ad hoc basis. The flexibility of REST has made everyone opting for it as a preferred method for logging and integrations.

Our professional experts’ team can leverage the APIs to build custom integration of various technologies to provide a unified solution. REST APIs can also be utilized to integrate most of the modern cloud-based technologies with Log Management Platforms. We provide E2E integrations and parser development for REST API based log onboarding.

Security Orchestration Automation & Response (SOAR)

We help enterprises to integrate SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation & Response) technology with legacy SIEM or enterprise event monitoring applications. Our experienced SOAR platform experts help enterprises to configure, customize, integrate and deploy SOAR platforms in right way that decreases mean time to respond and remediate.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Our 24x7 Security Operations Center provides advanced level of protection using People, Process and Technology for the end point related threats. Combination of big data and AI/ML based in-house developed tools along with other technologies, we provide high-end predictive and threat hunting services.

Integration Skill