Vulnerability Assessment

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment

Comprehensively Scan Your IT Infrastructure

We provide managed vulnerability assessment solutions to understand the security risk to your business. New threats and vulnerabilities against businesses emerge every day. Our comprehensive vulnerability assessment service provides businesses with the knowledge, awareness and risk involved to understand threats to their environment.

We help you identify, quantify and address the security vulnerabilities to your business infrastructure. Our team of security experts focuses on the most severe issues and recommend mitigation solutions. Later phases will target less severe issues to lower impact and minimize the overall risks.


Understand the security risks to your business

Sattrix’s Vulnerability Assessment solutions help to identify, quantify and address the security vulnerabilities that exist within your company’s infrastructure, including on premise and cloud networks. Our cyber security professionals integrate advanced scanning technology into all vulnerability assessments, providing a high level of support required to address identifiable vulnerabilities.

The Most Critical Vulnerability Assessment Concerns

Task List

Costs and incidence of attacks are high and growing

Average cost of cyber-crime per company has increased by 95% in 4 years and number of successful attacks per year per company has seen a 144% increase.

Process Time and Cost

Cost to remediate

Fixing vulnerabilities in later stage of development or post-delivery can be very expensive.

Security Measure

Risk of data theft

Insecure web, mobile, IoT or desktop application could potentially allow an attacker to gain unauthorized access, compromise application functionality or steal sensitive user data.

Our Approach

Our customer oriented approach makes the transformation journey easy to understand and more effective for our customers to adopt quickly.

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    Intelligence Gathering

    Intelligence gathering is an information reconnaissance approach which aims to gather as much information as possible for use as attack vectors during the cyber security vulnerability assessment and exploitation phases.

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    Vulnerability Analysis

    During the vulnerability analysis, we will discover flaws in networks, systems, and applications (as appropriate), using both active and passive mechanisms. This will detect host and service misconfiguration, patching levels, and insecure application design.

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    Application Testing

    We do so with both manual and automated testing apparatus whilst at all times following the industry standard OWASP methodology.

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    All information mentioned in the above steps will be documented as per the Deliverables agreement.

Security Services & Solutions

Vulnerability Assessment Services & Solutions

  • Manual Review

    Our experts are able to manually identify security vulnerabilities in the infrastructure that an automated tool would often miss.

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    Automated Review

    A fully automated approach can ensure breadth of coverage in the identification of some of the most commonly found vulnerabilities, using industry recognized commercial scanning and Sattrix’s custom tools.

  • Database Transfer Security

    Database Transfer Security

    Blended by combining manual and automated approaches the review can provide both breadth and depth of coverage.

  • Security Testing

    Focussed/ Bespoke

    Targeted review can focus on specific areas of the application/infrastructure, typically those that provide security related, network or complex functionality.

Our Specialization

We are a specialized vulnerability assessment service provider to our worldwide customers. We offer a wide range of service options which has acquired over the period and experienced gained from delivering varied size and scale of projects globally.

  • As-a-Service Option
  • Roadmap Development
  • Focus on requirement mapping
  • 24X7 Support
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Multi-vendor scanning
  • Architecture Assessment