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Protect Your Web Application for a Secure Business

Websites and web-facing apps are the favorite targets of hackers- DoS attacks, malicious sources, and sophisticated threats such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, file inclusion, buffer overflows, cookie poisoning, etc. There is no denying the fact that today, web apps are considered as vulnerability’s major point in organizations. Ultimately, it results into theft of plenty of credit cards, paramount reputational and financial damage for a lot of enterprises.

The most common forms of attacks include cross site scripting (XSS), SQL injection (SQLi), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), Denial-of-service (DoS), and distributed denial of service (DDoS). At Sattrix, we use information based on the latest app vulnerabilities, suspicious URL patterns, bots, and heuristic detection engines to ensure the safety of your web application. We provide web application security testing with the highest level of protection with correlated threat detection methods.


How to Secure Your Business Data on the Web?

We know the importance of safety and security of your critical and sensitive business data is highly relevant. Unlike the other web security testing, our methodology also evaluates the risk that is related to a third-party app.

The Most Critical Web Security Concerns

Task List

High Remediation Cost

The average cost of cybercrime per company has increased by 95% in the last 4 years.

Security Measure

Frontline Most Vulnerable

The number of successful attacks per year per company has increased by 144% in last 4 years. Most of the attacks are on application layer.

Process Time and Cost

Needle in a Haystack

Identify and pinpoint the vulnerabilities which can be exploited and need immediate attention are difficult to discover.

Security Risk Alert

Increasing Risk

Advancements in web services, web applications, as well as other technologies have changed the approach of doing business as well as sharing and accessing information.

Our Approach

Our customer oriented approach makes the transformation journey easy to understand and more effective for our customers to adapt quickly.

  • 01

    Information Gathering

    Our WAPT expert locates publicly accessible information related to the client and finds out ways that can be exploited for getting into systems.

  • 02

    Planning and Research

    After information collection through several informational tools or manual surfing, next stage demands planning and thorough research.

  • 03

    Vulnerability Detection

    Testers understand the response of a target app to several intrusion attacks. Static as well as dynamic analysis is used in this situation.

  • 04

    Penetration Testing

    It utilizes web app attacks like cross-site scripting, backdoors, and SQL injection for uncovering a target’s vulnerabilities.

  • 05

    Report and Analysis

    The test’s result is consolidated and compiled into the report that briefs the sensitive data accessed and particular vulnerabilities exploited etc.


Web Application Security

  • Network Penetration Testing Services
    Manual web application review

    Our experts are able to manually identify web application security vulnerabilities in the app that an automated tool would often miss.

  • Consulting Services
    Automated source code review

    A fully automated approach can ensure breadth of coverage in the identification of some of the most commonly found vulnerabilities.

  • Database Transfer Security
    Database Transfer Security Blended

    By combining manual and automated approaches the review can provide both breadth and depth of coverage.

  • Focused/Bespoke

    Targeted review can focus on specific areas of the application/infrastructure, typically those that provide security related, network or complex functionality.

  • SecDevOps

    Integrate secure development best practices and methodologies into development and deployment processes which DevOps makes possible.

Our Specialization

We are a specialized Web Application Security service provider to our worldwide customers. We offer a wide range of service options, which has been acquired over the period and experienced gained from delivering varied sizes and scales of projects globally.

  • Automation
  • SecDevOps
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • Manual & Automated
  • Professional Services
  • Managed Services